Sincere thanks to all of our supporters and funders without whom the PTI would not be able to carry out its work, including all those who prefer to remain anonymous.

2012 Club

  • Mr Ian Armitage and Miss Johanna Cunningham
  • Mr and Mrs Keith Breslauer
  • Mr and Mrs Michael Daffey
  • The Evolution Education Trust
  • The Hintze Family Charitable Foundation
  • Dr Costas and Dr Evi Kaplanis
  • Mrs Catherine Lagrange
  • The Law Family Charitable Foundation
  • Sir Harvey and Lady McGrath
  • The Roden Family Foundation
  • The Alexandra and David Tucker Charitable Foundation
  • The Wigoder Family Foundation
  • The Mikheev Charitable Trust

Diamond Patrons

  • Baron and Baroness Jean de Gunzburg

Gold Patrons

  • Mr and Mrs Ian Carton
  • Mr and Mrs Harry Fitzalan Howard
  • Ina De and James Spicer
  • Mr and Mrs Romie Tager
  • The TVML Foundation
  • The Meller Educational Trust

Silver Patrons

  • Mr and Mrs William Drake
  • Mr and Mrs Rupert Eastwood
  • Mr and Mrs Jon May
  • Mr and Mrs Julian Schild
  • Mr and Mrs Paul Severs
  • Mr and Mrs Tim Street
  • Mr and Mrs Van J. Stults
  • Tarncourt Group
  • The Mark Denning Trust
  • The Phillips & Rubens Charitable Trust
  • Mr and Mrs Basil Zirinis
  • Mr and Mrs Bos-Jakobsen

Bronze Patrons

  • Mr and Mrs James Crotty
  • Mr Martin French
  • Mr and Mrs Anthony Frieze
  • Mr Nicholas Hanney and Miss Christine Bos
  • Mr and Mrs Nicholas Hofgren
  • Mr Ben Iversen
  • Mr and Mrs Alan Kelsey
  • Mr and Mrs Alex Large
  • Mr Neil Mahapatra and Miss Rachel Matharu
  • Miss Kavita Maharaj
  • Mr Antony Milford
  • Mr and Mrs Steven Petrow
  • Mr Bruce Rigal
  • Mr and Mrs Neh Thaker
  • Mr and Mrs Adrian Weller

Corporate Patrons & Partners

  • Baring Private Equity Asia
  • Explore Learning Ltd.
  • Graphite Capital
  • HSBC
  • John Laing plc
  • Patron Capital
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Siemens plc
  • Savills

Charitable Trusts

  • Belgravia Foundation
  • The Bryan Adams Foundation
  • The Clore Duffield Foundation
  • The Constance Travis Charitable Trust
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The Mercers' Charitable Foundation
  • Pears Foundation
  • The Prince's Charities Foundation
  • ShareGift
  • The Schroder Foundation
  • The Steel Charitable Trust
  • The Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust
  • Stanley Foundation